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Eduardo Rivera Vicencio, Monetary conformation of the corporate governmentality I From the new art of governing to the beginning of neoliberal governmentality, Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance, 4(2), 2016, 72-90

DOI: 10.15604/ejef.2016.04.02.006

Full PDF available

From the perspective of the Foucaultian approach and using the archaeological and genealogical methodology, this paper describes the origins of the first monetary institutions which are those that have the greatest impact on the development of the monetary system that took shape over time. The origin of the first central Banks, the gold standard system, the origins of the FED (Federal Reserve) and the birth of neoliberal governmentality, institutions whose conformation gave rise to the origins to, from a monetary standpoint, corporate governmentality. This document, of a historical, philosophical and economic character, describes relationships of power which shaped and defined the lines of development of a monetary system in conformation and is based on the concentration of wealth and the appropriation of income and their yields. The crisis, monetary shocks or monetary imbalances began to be more frequent and linked to the monetary conformation of institutions that give rise to the rising monetary system.

Governmentality, Monetary Conformation, Foucault, Archaeological and Genealogical Methodology, Relationship of Power, Gold Standard Crisis, Concentration of Wealth and Income Appropriation

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