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Michel Foucault and Neoliberalism
PDF with further information

Center for Critical Democracy Studies
American University of Paris
6 rue du Colonel Combes
Paris 75007
Room C-104

March 25-26 2016
Registration at

Friday, March 25

9h-9h15: Introductory Remarks Stephen Sawyer

9h15-10h30: Contextualizing Foucault
-Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, Foucault and the Neo-liberalism Debate: On the Limitations of a Contextualist Approach
-Claudia Castiglioni, Foucault, Neoliberalism, and the Iranian revolution: an unconventional thinker confronted with an unconventional revolution

10h30-10h45: Short Coffee Break

10h45-12h: Foucault and Politics
-Duncan Kelly, Michel Foucault as Historian of Political Thought
-Aner Barzilay, A rereading of Foucault’s Lectures on the Birth of Biopolitics in light of his early reading of Marx

12h-1h30: Lunch

13h30-15h15: Foucault and the State
-Luca Paltrinieri, Beyond Foucault and neoliberalism: firms, self-employment, self-entrepreneurship today
-Luca Provenzano, Of state-phobia and conceptual inflationism: Foucault and the aporias of anti-Statism

15h15-15h30: Short Coffee Break

15h30-16h45: Was Foucault a Neo-Liberal?
-Michael Behrent, Neoliberalism: The Highest Stage of Anti-Humanism?…
-Serge Audier, Foucault est-il un bon guide pour comprendre, critiquer et combattre le néolibéralisme

17h-18h15: Thinking Foucault and Neoliberalism after the University of Chicago Lectures
-Bernard Harcourt, Foucault’s Critiques of Neoliberalism
-François Ewald, Vérité du néolibéralisme

Saturday, March 26

10h-12h: Governmentality
-Judith Revel, Qu’est-ce que gouverner aujourd’hui? Du gouvernement des vivants au gouvernement des conduites, et retour
-Danilo Scholz, Michel Foucault and François Châtelet: Governmentality and État savant
-Colin Gordon, The political project of Foucault’s governmentality lectures

12h-13h: Closing remarks
Stephen Sawyer and Bernard Harcourt

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