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Dorrestijn, S.
The Care of Our Hybrid Selves: Ethics in Times of Technical Mediation
(2015) Foundations of Science, 11 p. Article in Press.

DOI: 10.1007/s10699-015-9440-0


What can the art of living after Foucault contribute to ethics in relation to the mediation of human existence by technology? To develop the relation between technical mediation and ethics, firstly the theme of technical mediation is elaborated in line with Foucault’s notion of ethical problematization. Every view of what technology does to us at the same time expresses an ethical concern about technology. The contemporary conception of technical mediation tends towards the acknowledgement of ongoing hybridization, not ultimately good or bad but ambivalent, which means for us the challenge of taking care of ourselves as hybrid beings. Secondly, the work of Foucault provides elements for imagining this care for our hybrid selves, notably his notions of freedom as a practice and of the care of the self. A conclusions about technical mediation and ethics is that whereas the approaches of the delegation of morality to technology by Latour and mediated morality by Verbeek see technical mediation of behavior and moral outlook as an answer in ethics, this should rather be considered the problem that ethics is about. © 2015 The Author(s)

Author Keywords
Art of living; Care of the self; Michel Foucault; Philosophy of technology; Technical mediation

Index Keywords
Social sciences; Art of living, Care of the self, Michel Foucault, Philosophy of technology, Technical mediation; Philosophical aspects

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