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International Workshop Program

Biopolitics, Bioscience and Governmentality

November 19th, 2015
Room “auditorio DEC”,
Faculty of Engineering Diego Portales University (Vergara # 432, Santiago)

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Panel 1 (14:00 a 15:45 hrs):
Claudio Maino and Álvaro Jiménez (Universidad Paris 5 (Descartes)): The challenges to think mental health in democratic societies: What can the biopolitical approaches offer?

Mauricio Sepúlveda, Sebastían de la Fuente and Jorge Lucero (Universidad de Chile): The poppers as technology of the body in the sexual (counter) practices: Pleasure, counter-pratice and somatic fiction

Jimena Carrasco (Universidad Austral de Chile) and Arthur Arruda (Universidade Federale Rio de Janeiro): Brazilian and Chilean psychiatric reforms and management for freedom – a history of the modes of governance in mental health practices.

Coffee Break

Panel 2 (16:00 a 17: 45):

Jorge Castillo (Universidad de Santiago de Chile): Bio-governmentality: regimes of subjectification, embodiment and biosociality in GES: approach to expert repertoires
Sebastián Rojas (King’s College London): A biomedical hybridization of childhood? Modes of agency and flashes of will according to an ethnographic experience in a Chilean school of Santiago

Ricardo Camargo (Universidad de Talca) and Nicolás Ried (Universidad de Chile):
Biopolitics and Truth in the Chilean judicial apparatus: the case of the Marchiafava Bignami disease

Coffee Break

Final: 18:00
Nikolas Rose: “Biopolitics in the Twenty First Century”

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