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Deleuze and Foucault’s Political Philosophy

PDF of full program
13 – 14 November 2015

Purdue University
Organized by the Philosophy and Literature Interdisciplinary Program and the Department of Philosophy with the generous support of a Global Synergy Grant from the College of Liberal Arts

Organizers: Nicolae Morar, Thomas Nail , Daniel W. Smith

The “Deleuze and Foucault’s Political Philosophy” conference brings together philosophers and scholars for a two – day conference ex amining the political philosophies of Gilles Deleuze (1925 – 1995) and Michel Foucault (1926 – 1984), two of the most important and influential French philosophers of the twentieth – century.

The conference is taking place through the generous support of a “Global Synergy Grant” from the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University. By fostering innovation and excellence in international and global research in the College of Liberal Arts, the Global Synergy Grants seek to enhance Purdue’s national and international reputation of research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The Global Synergy Grant is supporting an on-going project to transcribe the lectures that Gilles Deleuze gave at his seminar at the University of Paris 8, St. Denis, recordings of which have been archived in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. The project started in 2012 with the transcription of Deleuze’s 1985-86 seminars on Michel Foucault, which are now available at the La Voix de Deleuze website at Paris 8.

The current grant is supporting the transcription of Deleuze’s 1979-80 seminar entitled “Appareils d’Etat et Machines de Guerre” (Apparatuses of State and War Machines). We are happy to mark the online publication of these lectures by Deleuze on both Michel Foucault and the war machine by hosting this conference on the relation between the political philosophies of Deleuze and Foucault.

Sessions will be held on the Purdue University West Lafayette campus in the Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts, Room 1197.

Claire Colebrook, Penn State University,
Leonard Lawlor, Penn State University,
Justin Litaker, Purdue University,
Mary Beth Mader, University of Memphis,
Todd May, Clemson University,
Nicolae Morar, University of Oregon,
Thomas Nail, University of Denver,
Chris Penfield, Purdue University,
Jason Read, University of Southern Maine,
Dan Selcer, Duquesne University,
Fredrika Spindler, Södertörn University, Sweden,
Daniel Smith, Purdue University,
Kevin Thompson, DePaul University, Stephen Zepke, Vienna, Austria,

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