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Update on the Foucault 13/13 series

Foucault 2/13: The Live Stream –28/09/15 at 6:15 EST (2015). Broadcasting from New York

The live stream has now been posted as recorded content.

Etienne Balibar and François Ewald discuss Foucault’s second annual lectures at the Collège de France, Penal Theories and Institutions (1971-1972) TODAY at 6:15 EST.  Please tune in here for the live-stream.  Please also read the introductory posts presenting the lectures along with the posts by Etienne Balibar and François Ewald, and the framing essays by Velasco and Harcourt. Readings for the seminar here.  Logistics for the seminar and LST room here. Check back later this week for additional essays on these 1972 lectures. Welcome to Foucault 2/13!

You can also find this on youtube

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