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Bryant, L., George, J.
Examining uncertainty and trust among irrigators and regulatory bodies in the Murray-Darling Basin
(2015) International Journal of Water Resources Development, 14 p. Article in Press.

DOI: 10.1080/07900627.2015.1028584

Due to changing climate and water legislation in South Australia, Australia’s oldest water trust, the Renmark Irrigation Trust (RIT), and the community it serves have faced unprecedented changes in water allocations. Using participatory research methods, this article examines irrigators’ perceptions of risk, uncertainty and trust in relation to changing water legislation and drought. The social, cultural and regulatory relationship between irrigators and the RIT and the conditions in which trust is given are also explored. Foucault’s understanding of power provides the analytical context in which we examine how power and knowledge are constituted, negotiated and reconstructed at the local level to shape trust between individuals and the RIT. © 2015 Taylor & Francis

Author Keywords

drought; Murray-Darling Basin; regulation; rural community; trust

Index Keywords
Drought, Risk perception; Analytical context, Murray-Darling Basin, Participatory research, Perceptions of risks, regulation, Regulatory relationships, Rural community, trust; Laws and legislation

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