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Progressive Geographies

The manuscript of Foucault’s Last Decade, as I’ve said, was almost complete. It is now with the press for review. In the last couple of weeks, while in New York, I’ve chased down a few final references; read the very valuable Régards critiques volumes on the History of Sexuality volumes (volume I and volume II and III); re-read Philippe Chevallier’s Michel Foucault et le christianisme (also see Colin Gordon on the book here); followed up lots of things; and tidied up the text.

I also had three days in the Bancroft Library at University of California, Berkeley. I’ve already shared some detailed day-to-day reports (here, here and here) and won’t repeat things here except to note again Alain Beaulieu’s useful guide to “The Foucault Archives at Berkeley”, in Foucault Studies in 2010. I found it invaluable to doing this work and would recommend…

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