Foucault News

News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

Les mots et les choses and beyond (2015)
Harvard Colloquium for Intellectual History and
History and Theory

Editor: Unfortunately I found out about this conference late, but am posting it for information.

1:30-3:30 – Afternoon Session I

Introduction and Chair: Peter E. Gordon

Gary Gutting, The Politics of The Order of Things: Foucault, Sartre, and Deleuze

Nancy Partner, “The Reign of Leviathan and the Return of the Repressed Self”

Respondent: Samuel Moyn

3:30-4:00 – Coffee break

4:00-6:00 – History and Theory Keynote Lecture

Introduction and Chair: Ethan Kleinberg

Vincent Descombes, “The Order of Things: an archeology of what?”

Respondent: Warren Breckman

6:30 – Reception (for participants only)


9:00-9:30 – Coffee

9:45-11:45 – Morning session

Chair: Arthur Goldhammer

Jean-Claude Monod, “Les mots et les choses, history and diagnosis”

Béatrice Han-Pile, “Phenomenology and Anthropology in Foucault’s early work”

Respondent: Giuseppe Bianco

12:00-1:30 – Lunch break

1:30-3:30 – Afternoon Session I

Chair, Michèle Lamont

Laura Stark, “Human sciences, moral kinds, and the imposition of universal experience”

Ahmed Ragab, “Monsters, Fossils and Patients: An archeology of medieval medicine”

Respondent: Stefanos Geroulanos

3:30-4:00 – Coffee break

4:00-6:00 – Afternoon Session II

Chair: John Hamilton

Julian Bourg, “Nature and the Irruptive Violence of History in Foucault and Benjamin”

Frédéric Worms, “Unexpected (and vital) controversies: Foucault’s Les mots et les choses in its philosophical moment and today”

Respondent: Judith Surkis

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