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Phillips, K.R.
The Event of Dissension: Reconsidering the Possibilities of Dissent
(2015) Quarterly Journal of Speech, 101 (1), pp. 60-71.

DOI: 10.1080/00335630.2015.994899

Dissent emerges out of unique prior conditions in which the coherence of dominant discourses is momentarily opened for contest. Drawing on the work of Michel Foucault, these conditions are conceptualized through the internal gaps and contradictions within dominant discourse—spaces of dissension—and the singular historical circumstances of the Event of dissension. The unique possibilities opened up in the Event of dissension include the prospects for a kind of critical contemplation on the conditions of the present, which Foucault defines as thought. The prospects for thoughtful dissent are considered. © 2015, © 2015 National Communication Association.

Author Keywords
Dissension; Dissent; Event; Foucault; Thought

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