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Contrivers’ Review Call for Essays on Technology

Through 2015 and beyond, Contrivers’ Review will dedicate a series of articles and interviews examining technology and society from several complementary angles. Our goal is to bring together a broad range of topics and perspectives in order to build a common, interdisciplinary conversation. Broadly, we envision three themes: digital humanities, political and social theory, identity and recognition.

The issue on the social theory of technology will explore the ways in which technology exists on a continuum between an instrument or tool of subjects and societies and a seemingly autonomous historical force that shapes and determines subjects and societies.

The social theory of technology has gained momentum in recent years. Thinkers like Langdon Winner, Paul Virilio, Bruno Latour, and Bernard Stiegler—a non-exhaustive list—have contributed to our theoretical toolbox, generating new approaches out of the work of Weber, Marcuse, Foucault, and Heidegger. Nevertheless, there remains an urgent need to understand the changes driven by the pace of technological innovation. The social theory of technology seeks to place technics alongside economics, politics, and society as a major constitutive force in history.

There are many areas where a theoretical engagement of technology might be productive. Areas that we anticipate contributions include:

  • “Technology” as a theme in Marx, 18th century, etc. (biographical and historical studies)
  • “Technology” and Economics, Sociology, etc (intersectional studies or disciplinary overviews)
  • “Technology” and the Body, Gender, Morality, Autonomy, etc (conceptual studies)
  • “Technology” in Latour, Stiegler, etc (archaeological studies)
  • Post-Humanism, Social speed, Education, the Market, Media (topical studies)

Definitive answers to these questions are unlikely to be forthcoming. This issue of Contrivers’ Review is meant to spark a discussion.

Contributions on the topic of technology are not restricted to these questions. We invite and desire a wide range of perspectives. Essays should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words. Please send us a query letter at For more information, please refer to our masthead.

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