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Notes on some papers uploaded on

Colin Gordon, 11 February 2015.

All but one of these uploads are about Michel Foucault’s History of Madness and/or issues relating to madness and psychiatry.

There is some information about individual pieces in the abstracts.

 “History of madness, history of exclusion” was the result of a commission for the Blackwells Companion to Foucault. This version had to be significantly shortened for publication, omitting discussions of complementary work by other historians which bears on the idea of a history of exclusion. The chapter aimed to restore an understanding of the conceptual architecture and political context of a book which has tended to be consistently underrated by commentators.

History of madness really deserves its own ‘companion’ volume, and I have a longish-term aspiration to put one together. Watch this space…

“La ‘Storia della follia’ in Inghilterra” was commissioned by Mauro Bertani and the Italian journal Aut Aut for a special issue in 2011 marking 50 years since the publication of History of Madness

“La ‘Historia de la locura’ en Inglaterra” appeared in El evangelo del diablo. Foucault y la Historia de la locura (ed. V Galvan, tr. Blanca Garcia Seballos. Biblioteca Nueva, Madrid 2013) the augmented Spanish translation of the Aut Aut issue.

 The chapters in Rewriting the History of Madness: Studies in Foucault’s `Histoire de la Folie’, eds. A Still, I. Velody correspond to my articles in the two special issues History of the Human Sciences on which this volume is based. The first piece has one minor amendment, the second was revised and expanded to cover additional or revised responses to the first.

“Extreme Prejudice…” was a French translation of my response to Andrew Scull’s TLS review of History of Madness, included in a collection marking the 50th anniversary of the publication of Foucault’s book.

« La réception de l’Histoire de la folie chez les historiens et les géographes : l’exemple anglo-saxon. » was an invited presentation at an international public conference, Culture psychiatrique-culture juridique : relire Michel Foucault, Folie et justice,   at La Villette, Paris in Sepember 2008 organized by Philippe Cheavllier and Tim Greacen. The event which included an intervention by Robert Badinter, was focussed on new security and carceral policies and proposals of the Sarkozy administration in France.

“Philosophy in the Water Supply” was a guest editorial for the Journal of Mental Health Promotion.

“Translator’s note” to The Philosophical Imaginary: I met Michèle Le Doeuff in Paris in the late 1970s while reporting for Radical Philosophy on the activities of GREPH, an initiative seeking to change the way philosophy was taught in French schools. I helped to arrange for the translation of her article ‘Women in Philosophy’ in Radical Philosophy, and translated two other articles of hers, on Simone de Beauvoir and Pierre Roussel, for Ideology & Consciousness. Her essay collection Recherches sur l’imaginaire philosophique was published in 1980, and my translation was published by Athlone Press in 1989.

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