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The Centre for the History of European Discourses (CHED) at the University of Queensland (Australia) is looking for well-qualified and innovative postdoctoral researchers (no more than 5 years out of their PhD by June 30, 2015) whom it can support as applicants to the University of Queensland’s Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme, which offers full-time research-only positions for a period of three years beginning in January 2016. We are particularly interested in candidates specialising in the history of sexuality/history of medicine. A team of researchers within the Centre is currently working on topics in the intellectual and cultural history of sexuality, including Professor Peter Cryle and Dr Karin Sellberg.

Interested researchers should send their CV and a brief (200 word) outline for a project to Peter Cryle and Karin Sellberg by February 8 2015

The criteria for selection are:
1.the quality and innovation of the project
2. neatness of fit with the centre’s research strengths
3. a relatively established record of publication in the field.

For further information, please visit CHED’s website or contact Peter Cryle and Karin Sellberg

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