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Progressive Geographies

PREVIEW (1)A lecture by Foucault in 1982 at Université de Grenoble, on “Parrēsia” was first published in French in 2012 in the journal AnabasesAnother lecture from this same trip, “Rêver de ses plaisirs”, was published in 1983, and is a variant of the first chapter of Le souci de soi/The Use of Pleasures. I outline and discuss the differences here.

The French version of the “Parrēsia” article will be available online in October 2015. A translation by Graham Burchell is forthcoming in Critical Inquiry in early 2015. For the moment, that journal has just posted the first two paragraphs:

Thank you very much for inviting me. I am here, as you know, as a supplicant. What I mean is that, until four or five years ago, my field, at any rate the domain of my work, had scarcely anything to do with ancient philosophy; and then, following a number of zigzags…

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One thought on “Foucault on Parrhesia – translation of a 1982 lecture forthcoming in Critical Inquiry

  1. jorgealvarezyaguez says:

    The Spanish translation of “La parrêsia”, lecture by Foucault at the University of Grenoble in 1982, will appear this January in the book edited by Jorge Alvarez Yagüez: Michel Foucault, La ética del pensamiento Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva, 2015 . ( M.F. The Ethics of Thought), In it, also gather numerous unpublished texts of Foucault in Spanish .

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