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A Weekend of Schizo-Culture

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The closing Schizo-Culture Weekend will activate many of the subjects touched on by SPACE’s current exhibition: Schizo-Culture: Cracks In The Street.

12–14 Dec 2014

SPACE, 129–131 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 3RH

Free entry

Discussions ranging across themes such as anti-psychiatry, philosophy and disciplinary rationalities (and their intersection with artistic practice today) will be programmed alongside performances, screenings and more impromptu interventions. Musical performances from Saturday afternoon will re-visit the bristling energy of 70′s Schizo-anarchy and its legacies and will run into the late evening.

Entry to the weekend is free and open to all,

There will be a bar open throughout.

The event includes contributions from activists, artists, philosophers, filmmakers and musicians including (amongst others) : Sylvere Lotringer, Susan Stenger, Kodwo Eshun (The Otolith Group), Colin Gordon,Vivienne Dick, Patrick Staff, Plastique Fantastique (David Burrows & Simon O’Sullivan and collaborators), 0rphan Drift (Maggie Roberts & Lendl Barcelos) Ciaran Smyth (Vagabond Reviews), Anna Hickey Moody, Hester Reeve, Sidsel Meineche Hansen,  Anne Tallentire, Josephine Wikstrøm, Mischa Twitchin and Empty Cages Collective with additional surprise guests and contributors: further details to be announced.


Friday 12 Dec
3pm: Talk and discussion with Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Josephine Wikstrøm
6pm: Film screening and talk with Imogen Stidworthy on her practice and the work of Fernand Deligny

Saturday 13 Dec
1pm until late: A day-long series of discussions, performances, interventions, workshops, screenings ranging from anti-psychiatry and philosophy to prisons and music, and featuring amongst many others Sylvere Lotringer, Susan Stenger, Colin Gordon, Kodwo Eshun, Vivienne Dick, Plastique Fantastique, 0rphan Drift (Maggie Roberts & Lendl Barcelos), Hester Reeve, Mischa Twitchin, Ciaran Smyth (Vagabond Reviews), Anna Hickey Moody and Empty Cages Collective. The gallery will remain open late into the evening.

Sunday 14 Dec
12pm-6pm: An afternoon of projections, informal drop-in and schizo-screenings including work by Sylvere Lotringer, Vivienne Dick and material from the Semiotext(e) archive.

Weekend curated by Katherine Waugh & David Morris

Supported by the the Arts Council England and the Institut Francais London.
Additional support from Broadstone Studios, Dublin

One thought on “A Weekend of Schizo-Culture (2014)

  1. here you can find the link to the article I published on the Italian weekly “Pagina99”. It is the review of Baudrillard’s pamphlet “Oublier Foucault”


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