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Call for Papers: Soft Power Third Issue: June 30, 2015

Soft Power: Euro-American Journal of Historical and Theoretical Studies of Politics

Soft Power is an inter-disciplinary academic journal published in 2014 by the Grupo Planeta, one of the leading publishers in the Spanish-speaking world. It is supported by the University of Salerno and the Universidad Católica de Colombia.

The aim of the journal is to be a forum of discussion for researches and scholars interested in the changes of contemporary political and legal
 orders. Through an approach that integrates philosophy, legal and political theory and history, it tries to investigate the diffused and fragmentary power dispositifs emerging forms social practices that bring to light new aspects of political and legal rationality. In particular, research interests focus on transformations of law and politics in contemporary neoliberalism.

The main topics of third issue is: Governmentality and Soft Power. Its editor is Salvo Vaccaro (University of Palermo)

On one side, the concept of governmentality in Foucault introduces the notion of “conduire les conduits”, that’s to say a practice of power which is not hierarchical, vertical, repressive; on the other side, this same concept is useful in order to investigate the new forms of post-democratic regimes which are typical in the era of neoliberalism.

Soft Power invites submissions of articles of 6,500 to 7,500 words, including footnotes, on any aspect related to notions and practice of Governmentality and Soft Power.

Proposals with Name, tentative Title, little Abstract (max 20 lines) and Keywords should be submitted by December 20, 2014. Acceptance of the proposals shall be communicated by January 10, 2015, but this does not commit any real publication. Articles for issue number 3 should be submitted by April 10, 2015.

Philosophical, theoretical, historical and interdisciplinary articles are welcome. All articles are peer-reviewed using a double-blind peer-review process. Articles must be written in English or in Spanish. Abstracts and keywords must be in English as well as in Spanish in order to facilitate the inclusion in international databases and indexing services.

For more information, for the author’s style guide, and for submission of 
articles, please write to:

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