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Ragan Fox
Auto-archaeology of Homosexuality: A Foucauldian Reading of the Psychiatric–Industrial Complex, Text and Performance Quarterly, Vol. 34, Iss. 3, 2014, 230-250.

This essay explores two primary questions. (1) Can there be a Foucauldian autoethnography? (2) How might a Foucault-driven autoethnography detail my experiences in the psychiatric–industrial complex? Pulling largely from Michel Foucault’s earliest work History of Madness, I look at how interconnected organizations have rendered homosexuality as senseless, used a “psychiatrization of perverse pleasure” to rationalize this senselessness, and relied on expensive psychoanalysis and pharmaceuticals to invoke the madness they claim to cure.



DOI: 10.1080/10462937.2014.903429

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