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Prospects for an Ethics of Self-Cultivation

Conference 1: ‘Hellenistic Ethics in Nietzsche and Foucault’

Date: 25-27 September, 2014

Location: The University of Warwick, UK

PDF of call for papers

1st Call for Abstracts:

Philosophical interest in the ethical ideal of self-cultivation has increased in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as philosophers have sought alternatives to deontological and utilitarian theories. This interest has been most evident in the widespread revival of virtue ethics, although contemporary virtue ethicists tend to focus on Aristotle’s account of character formation. Philosophers in the modern European tradition, however, have been influenced by other views on self-cultivation from the Hellenistic period. Nietzsche’s account of self-cultivation, for instance, is closer to Epicurus’s than Aristotle’s, while Foucault draws extensively on Stoicism and Cynicism for his account. The insights of these thinkers suggest that we may deepen and expand our understanding of self-cultivation by reassessing the merits of the Hellenistic tradition.

Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Keith Ansell-Pearson (Warwick)
Prof. Daniel Conway (Texas A&M)
Dr Edward Harcourt (Oxford)
Prof. Beatrice Han-Pile (Essex)
Dr John Sellars (Birkbeck)
Dr David Webb (Staffordshire)

We welcome papers suitable for 30 minute presentation on self-cultivation in Hellenistic ethics and modern European philosophy. Abstracts of around 500 words suitable for blind review should be sent to by June 30th 2014. Submissions from graduate students and early-career researchers are especially welcome.

This event will be followed by a second conference hosted by Monash University in 2015 with a separate registration and CFA. To find out more about the research project please visit our webpage:, and to keep up with future news join our Facebook page at

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