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Silva, L.
Foucault in the Landscape: Questioning Governmentality in the Azores
(2014) Landscape Research, Published online March 2014

This article focuses on the use of governmentality as a technique of government and its effects, with reference to a protected landscape. Drawing on ethnographic materials from the Azores, it demonstrates that governmentality is not always practised by governments in the way it is meant to be. Although the state’s conservation efforts in Sete Cidades meet the accepted criteria of a governmental programme, they do not transform local subjectivities as intended. The protected landscape of Sete Cidades is a government initiative, but also a tool used strategically by certain social groups living and working within this landscape to object to the appropriation of the space upon which their livelihood relies, and to understand, communicate and legitimise their place in the world.

Author Keywords
Azores; environmentality; Governmentality; land uses; protected landscapes

DOI: 10.1080/01426397.2013.878322

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