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clarisMichel Foucault – Freedom and Knowledge
Author(s): Edited by Fons Elders and Lionel Claris
Elders Special Productions BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISBN 978-90-805600-6-2 NUR 730

You can purchase this book as a paperback or an ebook. An extract can also be found on Lionel Claris’ site and you can find a version of Lynne Huffer’s introduction via a link in this earlier post on Foucault news


1, Preface by Fons Elders

2. Introduction by Lynne Huffer,
What Could Be Otherwise

Notes Introduction

3. Fons Elders’ response letter to Lynne Huffer

4. Michel Foucault,
Freedom and Knowledge
A first-time published interview by Fons Elders, translated by Lionel Claris

5. Michel Foucault: Retrospective Commentaries
by Fons Elders

Part I –The Interview,
The Question of Paradise

Part II –The Debate:
Human Nature: Justice versus Power
Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault

Part III –Michel Foucault – My Personal View

Index of Names
Index of Subjects

Here is a link again to the newly rediscovered 1971 Foucault interview on Dutch television referred to in this book.

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