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Biopolitique, Gouvernementalité, Dispositifs (de sécurité). Concepts pour l’étude de l’International?
Conférence internationale

Biopolitics, Governmentality, (security) Dispositifs. Concepts for the Study of the International?
International Conference

PDF of program in English
PDF en français

Co-organisée par l’Association pour le Centre Michel Foucault, le Centre d’études et de recherches internationales
Avec le soutien de l’IRI/PUC-Rio (Brasil),le Centre d’études sur les conflits, le Centre des Amériques de Sciences Po

Responsabilité scientifique
Didier Bigo (CERI-Sciences Po Paris) Philippe Bonditti (IRI/PUC-Rio) Frédéric Gros (UPEC)

Langues de travail
Anglais et français, French and English

13 et 14 janvier 2014

Association pour le Centre Michel Foucault

CERI/Sciences Po
56, rue Jacob, 75006 Paris
Grande Salle de Conférence

In 1997, in Paris, the Centre d’études et de recherches internationales (CERI) hosted a conference entitled Pratiques politiques et usages de Michel Foucault (Political practices and uses of Michel Foucault). Without saying that this conference initiated a new partition of the « foucaldian legacy » approaches, it seems, nevertheless, that it contributed to establish a division, still visible today among the vast movement of appropriation of the work of Michel Foucault, between commentators and users. The originality of the 1997 conference lies in the fact that it tried not to be an(other) event on or about Michel Foucault, his path, his « legacy », his work. The ambition of the conference organizers was to break with a certain tradition of the commentary of Foucault’s thought and opt for an effort of practical application of his « historico-critical » approach. The issue, then, was not an exegetic effort on Foucault’s work but, rather, to put his thought « into practice » in order to « better understand the contemporary phenomena, inseparably intellectual, social and political » ; an ambition transposed in the title of the conference and maybe even more in the title of the edited volume that come out of it : Penser avec Michel Foucault (Think with Michel Foucault). Along that same approach, the CERI also hosted the conference « Monitoring the future in security and life sciences » on April 2009 with members of the CERI and the BIOS Center at the LSE together with « specialists » of Michel Foucault’s work. Sixteen years after the first event and four after the second one, the conference we are organizing on « Biopolitics, governemnentality, security dispositifs. Concepts for the study of the International?» wishes to revive the move initiated in 1997 and extend it. The conference will seek to seize Foucault via his many uses to question the practical reasons of his philosophical silence about the « International » and this domain of knowledge we came to call « international studies » or the « discipline of International Relations » (IR).

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