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Progressive Geographies

Foucault 24 Nov

Having put together rough drafts of chapters 1 and 2 (see previous update), I was now able to move to the real focus of the book. But there is no simple break, and even as I go onto these chapters there was some material from previous courses that was best discussed here. This was especially the case with the material on hysterics and children in Psychiatric Power. While the primary aim of the book is a chronological exposition, it’s not slavishly so.

The idea was that the next chapter (number 3 on the new plan), under the working title of ‘Pervert, Hysteric, Child’, incorporates material from Psychiatric Power and Abnormal into a coherent whole. The next step was, of course, the 1974-75 course Abnormal (incidentally I don’t know why it has this title instead of the more literal The Abnormals). Again, I wrote a piece on this when it…

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