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Foucault - Ceremonie, Thêatre et politiqueIn a previous post, I discussed the summary of a 1972 lecture Foucault gave in Minneapolis, entitled “Cérémonie, théâtre et politique au XVIIe siècle”. As far as I am aware the text of the lecture remains in Foucault’s own papers and was never published. It was published in a brief English summary, written by Stephen Davidson, in Acta: Proceedings of the fourth annual conference of XVIIth century French Literature, pp. 22-3. Given the text is so hard to find, I wanted to ask Davidson for permission to put this summary on this site, but sadly I heard he died some years ago. 

I’ve therefore gone ahead with make the summary available – in pdf. If anyone knows of a way of making this more legitimate please let me know.

Thanks to Kai Bosworth, Gerald Moore, Arun Saldanha and Garnet Kindervater for detective work.

Incidentally, the question was raised as…

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