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5 thoughts on “The Collège de France Lectures: Reappraising Michel Foucault’s Published Works (2013)

  1. Quick. What new ones came out that I don’t know about. My own opinion is that the Lectures are so very accessible and readable. A wonderful way to enter the world of Foucault. Something to hook you in and keep you there. Can you tell how much I love him. It makes a difference where you enter the world of Continental Philosophy and it makes a difference with whom. I entered with Rabinow on Foucault and Interpretation, Hermeneutics, etc. Where did some others enter?


  2. jsuter123 says:

    Hello,   After the below seminar, would it be possible for an audiovisual tape to be posted and circulated on Foucault News?   Thanks Jackie



  3. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:
    Another New York event on Foucault’s lectures.


  4. Meinrad Calleja says:

    How about organising an online audio/visual discussion group?


    1. That would be wonderful. Please do this.


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