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duschinskyDuschinsky, Robbie and Leon Antonio Rocha (Eds.) Foucault, the Family and Politics, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Foucault, the Family and Politics presents a rich account of the politics and power relations that organize family and intimate life, advancing with and beyond Foucault’s classic and more recently-published writings. The obligation to attend school, to go to work, to stay healthy, to follow the law – ‘being a good son, a good husband, and so on’ as Foucault wryly remarks – are frequently organized through the family.

Including contributions from a range of well-known scholars and an essay by Foucault himself, translated here in English for the first time, this volume is of interest to scholars in sociology, politics, history, philosophy, gender theory, literary criticism and cultural studies.

About the Author(s)

By Robbie Duschinsky and Leon Antonio Rocha

ROBBIE DUSCHINSKY is Senior Lecturer in Social Science for Social Work at the University of Northumbria, UK.
LEON ANTONIO ROCHA is Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK and is affiliated with the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, UK and the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Problem of the Family in Foucault’s Work; R.Duschinsky & L.Rocha
Foucault and the Family: Deepening the Account of History of Sexuality Volume 1; R.Lenoir & R.Duschinsky
Foucault’s Familial Scenes: Kangaroos, Crystals, Continence and Oracles; V.Bell
Foucault, the Modern Mother, and Maternal Power: Notes Toward a Genealogy of the Mother; K.Logan
Foucault, the Family, and the Cold Monster of Neoliberalism; G.Harkins
Jacques Donzelot’s The Policing of Families (1977) in Context; J.M.Pestaña (Translated from Spanish by Judith Glueck)
Gender, Reproductive Politics, and the Liberal State: Beyond Foucault; V.Mottier
Foucault, the Family, and History: ‘Imaginary Landscape and Real Social Structure’; D.Thom
‘Présentation’, Le Désordre des familles: Lettres de cachet des Archives de la Bastille (1982); A.Farge & M.Foucault (Translated from French by Leon Antonio Rocha and Thibaud Harrois)
‘That Dazzling, Momentary Wake’ of the lettre de cachet: The Problem of Experience in Foucault’s Practice of History; L.Rocha
Afterword: Foucault’s Family Resemblances; T.Carver

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