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Stuart Elden ends this entry with a request for information:

So, does anyone know about Annuaire du Centre coordinateur de la recherche urbaine pour la France, or what that might be a reference to?

Progressive Geographies

In Daniel Defert’s ‘Chronologie’/’Chronology’ in Dits et écrits/A Companion to Foucault, he makes reference to a publication entitled Annuaire du Centre coordinateur de la recherche urbaine pour la France. This is in the entry for October 1973  (p. 44/55), and Defert suggests that it published some of the results of research projects conducted by CERFI under Foucault’s sponsorship – the particular project was on “the role of urban facilities in town planning”.

I’ve written about the CERFI projects in some detail, but I can find no trace of this publication. It doesn’t come up in library databases, google, etc. I know about other publications that came from this, and related, work, including François Fourquet and Lion Murard, Les équipments du pouvoir: Villes, Territoires et équipements collectifs, Paris: Union Générale d’Éditions, 1976 (originally an issue of Recherches in 1973). But this publication escapes me.

So, does anyone know about 

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