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Weiskopf, R., Willmott, H.
Ethics as Critical Practice: The “Pentagon Papers”, Deciding Responsibly, Truth-telling, and the Unsettling of Organizational Morality
(2013) Organization Studies, 34 (4), pp. 469-493. 

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This paper contributes to the development of a practice-based understanding of ethics. Ethics is here conceived as a critical practice of questioning and problematizing moral orders and moral rules-in-use in which subjects (re)define their relations to self and others. Situating this conception of ethics in the context of practice theory, we draw upon ideas of responsible decision-making (Derrida) and truth-telling (Foucault) to examine Daniel Ellsberg’s leaking of the “Pentagon Papers” as illustrative of ethics as critical practice.

Author Keywords
Derrida;  Ellsberg;  ethics;  Foucault;  parrhesia;  practice theory;  whistleblowing

DOI: 10.1177/0170840612470256

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