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News and resources on French thinker Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

A message from the owner of the site.

After 12 years with the same design, has been completely revamped this month:
– The code and layout has been updated to comply with new norms (HTML5) and the growing number of visitors using tablets and phone.
– With a stunning half-million pages view in 2012, the 20 texts by Foucault in the “repository” – originally collected on the net– were not always on par with academic norms. These texts are now all reread and corrected, and proper references were added. Url (addresses) are unchanged so professors and bloggers can refer to texts permanently.
– Frontpage is mirroring Clare O’Farrell’s remarkable news feed at
– Website has been connected to social networks, you can follow us on

It’s an honor to contribute to spreading the word of Michel Foucault – and we are looking forward to reading many engaging debates and contributions on the Foucault mailing list in 2013.

Best regards,
Camille Duchêne
Foucault-L admin

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