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Najeeb Jan is seeking panelists for the 2013 Los Angeles meeting of the AAG. Please note since this is a panel discussion, you will not need to submit an abstract. If you are interested in joining the panel discussion please email Najeeb Jan (

Foucault after Agamben: Rethinking the Language of Biopolitics

What would it mean to rethink Foucault’s various grammars of power — sovereignty, biopolitics, governmentality, neoliberalism — in light of Agamben’s explicitly ontological rendering of the Foucaultian project. For instance while referring to archaeology as a “science of signatures”, Agamben claims that Foucault writes “with lucid awareness of his method’s ontological implications.” Similarly by identifying the apparatus (dispositif) as a decisive technical term in the strategy of Foucault’s thought, and then subsequently linking the apparatus not only to the originary fracture between being and action, but also to the genealogy of governmentality, Agamben seems to be…

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