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Peter Triantafillou, New Forms of Governing: A Foucauldian inspired analysis. Palgrave Macmillan, August 2012.


By elaborating the conceptual framework and methodological guidelines suggested by Michel Foucault, Peter Triantafillou analyzes the ways in which public organizations over the last few decades have become the target of numerous interventions which, for better or for worse, have sought to improve their efficiency and quality. The author exposes how various political and social science theories were adopted in often unpredictable ways in the process of reforming the public sector. By focusing on Britain, France and Denmark, Triantafillou examines changes and developments in the governing of life, labour and learning, showing that across different political regimes, the development of particular forms of freedom played a crucial role in enabling these political interventions. This volume will be of interest to those scholars and students interested in using Foucault’s concepts and methodological principles to critically analyze political interventions.


Purpose and Concepts
Methodological Challenges
Governing the Performance of Governments
Activating Government
Life: New Forms of Public Health
Labour: Employment and Activation
Learning: The Making of Competent and Entrepreneurial Populations

PETER TRIANTIFILLOU is Associate Professor of Politics and Administration, Roskilde University, Denmark. His research deals with the exercise of power and freedom in public organizations and welfare policies. He has co-edited (with Eva Sørensen) The Politics of Self-Governance and (with Jacob Torfing) Interactive Policymaking, Metagovernance and Democracy.

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