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Pli, The Warwick Journal of Philosophy: Jean Hyppolite

Man is consciousness and universal self-consciousness (this proposition must not be inverted by expressing universal self-consciousness in terms of man). The manifestation of this universal self-consciousness is no longer the State, but authentic language, which is the dwelling place [demeure] of Being. It is not man who interprets Being, but Being which comes to speech [se dit] in man, and this revealing of Being, this absolute logic – substituted for a metaphysics (which would be more or less theology) – goes through man.

Jean Hyppolite, ‘Ruse de la raison et histoire chez Hegel’

‘Hyppolite is the one who has established for us all of the problems which are ours… Logic and Existence…is one of the great works of our time’. (Michel Foucault)

Jean Hyppolite was a figure of pivotal importance in twentieth century French philosophy.  As a translator he produced the first full French translation of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit; as a scholar his careful and innovative readings of Hegel’s entire corpus established him as an authority at home and abroad; and as a teacher and a philosopher he exerted a crucial influence on the generation of thinkers that included Deleuze, Derrida, and Foucault, raising questions about difference, immanence, sense, and method that continue to resonate through contemporary philosophy.

For its twenty-fourth volume, Pli invites papers on any aspect of Hyppolite’s work, his development, and his influence both on his own generation and beyond. Possible topics for papers include, but are not limited to:

  • The unhappy consciousness: Hegel and Kierkegaard in France
  • The ‘most obscure dialectical synthesis’: Hegel, Marx and the relation between logic and history
  •  ‘There is no primacy of the thesis’: the Absolute as mediation in Logic and Existence
  • The ontological status of Hegel’s Logic and the nature of Hegel’s critique of Kant
  • ‘The Structuralism Controversy’ and Hyppolite’s contribution to the Johns Hopkins symposium
  • Hyppolite and Heidegger: onto-logy and the critique of Humanism
  • Sense and nonsense in Hyppolite and beyond
  • ‘The only secret is that there is no secret’: forms of the rejection of essentialism
  • Logics of contradiction and logics of repetition: from Hyppolite to Deleuze, Derrida, Levinas…
  • Hyppolite, Lacan and Verneinung
  • Hyppolite’s writings on figures other than Hegel, for example, Fichte, Marx, Bergson, Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty
  • Key concepts in Hyppolite, for example, language, sense, immanence, difference, mediation, ontology, and logos.

Pli also welcomes enquiries from individuals who may be interested in translating short texts by or on Hyppolite (please contact the journal to discuss possible texts).


As well as works addressing the theme of the issue, Pli is also happy to consider:

  • Strong articles on any aspect of ‘continental philosophy’
  • Book reviews (please contact the journal to discuss prospective reviews)
  • Short translations of important works in continental philosophy.

Submissions should be no longer than 8,000 words, prefaced by an abstract, and sent by email to: as a Word, ODT or RTF file. The deadline for submissions is November 1st 2012. Before submitting an article, please ensure that you have read the ‘Notes for Contributors’ on the Pli website as we will only accept submissions that are formatted in accordance with these guidelines.

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