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CFP: Expanded Second Edition of Foucault and the Government of Disability

Submission deadline: Saturday, June 30 2012

The University of Michigan Press considers Foucault and the Government of Disability to be a “classic” in Disability Studies and the book continues to sell well.  For these reasons, the U of M Press is publishing an updated and expanded second edition of the book to mark the ten-year anniversary (in 2015) of the first edition’s publication in 2005. The new edition will include a new introduction by me, some new chapters, and an updated index.

Thus, I am seeking proposals for the new chapters of the book. These proposals can be brief (approximately 200-300 words), but should provide evidence of significant familiarity with and relevance to Foucault’s work. I wish to avoid replication of topics and themes treated in the first edition. Furthermore, I am especially interested in proposals that will fill gaps in the first edition of the book and/or indicate newer or more recent concentrations within Disability Studies that are influenced by Foucault’s approach such as: sexuality and disability, globalization and disability, disability and racism/neo-colonialism, autism, philosophy and disability, media and disability, ethics and disability, bioethics and disability, performance (to name only a few). In short, you should only submit a proposal if your chosen topic is not already covered in the first edition of the book, or if your proposal adds new dimensions to a topic treated in the first edition.

Given that only a few slots are available for the second edition, and given the attention this book is likely to get, competition for inclusion in the second edition will be very high; however, that shouldn’t be taken as discouragement or as code to suggest that the most prominent writers in the field will be given priority. Once I have reviewed the proposals submitted, I will ask a select number of authors to provide me with chapter-length samples of their work on disability and Foucault. From these submissions, I will in turn select authors to write for the book.

If you would like your work to be considered for this exciting second edition of Foucault and the Government of Disability, please send a brief preliminary proposal to Shelley Tremain at by June 30 2012 or sooner.

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