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Tony Schirato, Geoff Danaher and Jen Webb, Understanding Foucault: A critical introduction, 2nd edition, Allen and Unwin. Available March 2012

Publisher’s page

Michel Foucault is now regarded as one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. He is known for his sensibility of critique and his commitment to movements for social change. His analysis of the ways our notions of truth, meaning, knowledge and reason are shaped by historical forces continues to influence thinkers around the world.

Understanding Foucault offers a comprehensive introduction to Foucault’s work. The authors examine Foucault’s thinking in the context of the philosophies he engaged with during his career, and the events he participated in, including the student protests of 1968. A unique feature of the book is its consideration of the recently published lectures and minor works, and the authors show how these illuminate and extend our understanding of Foucault’s major books.

Understanding Foucault is an accessible and authoritative introduction to the thinking of the important French philosopher Michel Foucault. This second edition has been completely revised and covers his full body
of work, including the lectures and other works translated recently resulting in a new understanding of Foucault’s oeuvre.

Table of Contents
Glossary of theoretical terms
1. Questions of method
2. Power and knowledge
3. Governmentality
4. Liberalism and neo-liberalism
5. Subjectivity and technologies of the self
6. Critique and ethics

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