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The IVR XXV WORLD CONGRESS OF PHILOSOPHY OF LAW AND SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY will take place at Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt, Germany, from August 15th to 20th 2011.

All the papers effectively presented in this special workshop will be translated into Portuguese, with the permission of the author, and published as a book in Brazil, possibily a bilingual edition.

August 18th 2011

Michel Foucault summarizes his understanding of the term Biopolitics in the abstract of his 1978-1979 Course at College de France: it is understood as the way it was tried, since the XVIII century, to rationalize the problems faced by governmental practices by means of phenomena concerning a group of living beings taken as a population: health, hygiene, birth rates, races… In his 1975-1976 course he defines it as the movement by which power takes charge of life concerns. Gilles Deleuze spoke of the idea of managing a multiplicity of beings (a given population) over a vast and open space, where probabilistics become increasingly relevant. Giorgio Agamben states that the totalitarianism of our century is founded on the dynamical identity of life and politics.

This special workshop is intended to gather members and scholars who consider the idea of Biopolitics as understood by the authors above mentioned – as well as by other contemporary philosophers – useful for a better comprehension of XX and XXI century national and international politics. There is a special interest in discussions towards the ways Biopolitics can be related to the role of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of Law in the present world.

Papers relating the concept of Biopolitcs or the works of the above authors to other philosophical traditions are also welcome.

Abstracts up to 500 words should be sent by email until April 31st 2011 to one of the coordinators indicated below.

Full papers, until June 30th 2011, designed for a 20 minutes presentation, including 5 minutes for discussion. More time will be allowed if possible.

Abstracts and papers should be written and presented in English.

All selected participants should register for the Congress.
Further information can be obtained at the Congress website
For a list of other groups and workshops to be held in the Congress, please refer to the same website.

Special Workshop Coordinators

Prof. Lucas de Alvarenga Gontijo
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais – Brazil

Prof. Luís Antônio Cunha Ribeiro
Universidade Federal Fluminense – Brazil

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