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The 2011 Meeting of the Foucault Circle

For further details see the Foucault Circle website

The 2011 meeting of the Foucault Circle will take place from March 25-27, 2011, and is sponsored by The University of Alberta, Edmonton. Meetings will take place at The Banff Center in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Friday evening, March 25

Evening Reception: PDC Lounge 301

Saturday morning, March 26

7:00-9:00 Breakfast available in Vistas Dining Room

9:00-10:45 Session 1: Parrhesia and Truth (PDC 103)
Moderator: Robert Nichols

Zachary Simpson, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
“The Truths We Tell Ourselves”

Russell Anderson, McMaster University and James Wong, Wilfrid Laurier University
“Truth and the ‘Politics of Ourselves’”

Kevin Thompson, DePaul University
“Foucault and the Question of Truth”

10:45-11:05 Coffee Break (PDC 103)

11:05-12:15 Session 2: Neoliberalism (PDC 103)
Moderator: Jana Sawicki

Sam Binkley, Emerson College
“Psychological Life as Enterprise: Neoliberal Transformations in the Government of Interiority”

Erinn Gilson, University of North Florida
“Dangerous Dynamics: Risk, Control, Entrepreneurial Subjectivity and Ethical Relation”

12:30-1:30 Lunch (Vistas Dining Room)
Saturday afternoon, March 26

1:45-3:30 Session 3: Ethics (PDC 103)
Moderator: Ladelle McWhorter

Cressida Heyes, University of Alberta
“Foucault’s Limits: Feminism, Bodies, Experience”

Megan Dean, University of Alberta
“The Muscled Woman and the Weight Lifter: The Importance of the Image in Foucauldian Askesis”

Bryan Bannon, Wesleyan University
“Ethics, Institutions, and Aesthetics: A Political Ecology and the Self”

3:30-3:50 Coffee Break (PDC 103)

3:50-5:00 Session 4: Politics (PDC 103)
Moderator: Jeffrey Bussolini

Johanna Oksala, University of Helsinki
“What is Political Philosophy?”

Ben Golder, University of New South Wales
“Foucault’s Critical Affirmation: Three Figures of Rights”

5:15-6:15pm Business Meeting

Evening Dinner (location TBA)

Sunday Morning, March 27

7:00-9:00 Breakfast available in Vistas Dining Room

9:00-10:45 Session 5: Interlocutors (PDC 103)
Moderator: Dianna Taylor

Richard A. Lynch, DePauw University
“Freedom’s Justification: Foucault’s and Beauvoir’s as Complementary Ethical Projects”

Nathan Eckstrand, Duquesne University
“Foucault, Arendt, and the Possibility for a Transformational Politics”

Alain Beaulieu, Laurentian University
“Foucault: A Radical Follower of Canguilhem”

10:45-11:05 Coffee Break (PDC 103)

11:05-12:15 Session 6: Health (PDC 103)
Moderator: Salvatore Cucchiara

Gary Mullen, Gettysburg College
“The Biopolitics of Autism”

Jacob P. Neal, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
“Rethinking Representations of Health and Disease: Foucault and the U.S. Center for Disease Control Reports on AIDS”

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