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Edited Essay Collection
2nd call for Abstracts – Final Deadline Jan. 15, 2011

Drawing from Foucault’s notion of the ‘political technology of the body’ and the ‘spectacle of the scaffold’, the collection looks to explore sovereign power and control over the body through a consideration of the cinema’s, arguable, co-option of the state’s political-military-corporate aims and goals.

Following a strong response to the initial call for abstracts, including those from significant academics, I am now specifically seeking abstracts/papers on:

i) The ‘punished’ politicised-body
ii) The body-politic (e.g. JFK assassination as media spectacle, re: Jameson/Baudrillard)
iii) Identity and (geographical) body-space
iv) Body ‘re-inscription’ (re: Grosz) as challenge to sovereign control and gender construction

Will consider any films related to the subject matter.

Mark de Valk
Southampton Solent University

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