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Nick J. Sciullo, ‘Amos Lee’s ‘Street Corner Preacher’ Through Michel Foucault’s Critique of Scientific Knowledge: A Critique of Legal Knowledge’, The Critical Legal Studies Journal, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2010.

This article will demonstrate that although students of the law, legal scholars, and practitioners rely on a relatively narrow body of “legal scholarship,” there are in fact sundry diverse sources of legal thought that deserve to be evaluated along with currently accepted legal scholarship. It will present arguments in favor of appreciating music as a unique and important source of legal commentary through which we might understand how people relate to the law—what I have called “coming to the law.” It will demonstrate that music can be uniquely transgressive and presents a powerful alternative to what Michel Foucault called “scientific knowledge.” Ultimately, Foucault’s critique will be the road upon which we travel. I will also argue that not only is it important to accept different forms of knowledge, but that the rejection of different knowledges is a unique form of violence that acts before the law can take effect serving to strategically debase the law.

Keywords: Michel Foucault, Music, Amos Lee, Legal Knowledge, Poststructralism, Legal Theory

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