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‘The History Of Sexuality Volume One By Michel Foucault: An Opera’, 2010, Premiere
Gregg Bordowitz (USA) / Paul Chan (J/USA) 01./ 02.10.10
Fri 1 Oct / Sat 2 Oct., 8.30 pm in TQW / Halle G
Tickets: € 18,- (Reductions and Online-Ticketing on

The History of Sexuality Volume One by Michel Foucault: An Opera’ is a work-in-progress adopting the dramatic musical form to stage the major themes and philosophical insights of one of the most influential philosophers of the late twentieth century. In this adaption of Foucault´s great work, the philosopher will encounter one student, two rivals, and a sworn enemy – perhaps all of them are ghosts. Nothing less than a grand opera is required to stage the epochal theory of self-emancipation that is Michel Foucault´s unique legacy. The performance will be set against a backdrop drawn from Foucault´s biographical details; including his activism on behalf of prisoners´ rights, and his death from AIDS.

CONCEPT: Gregg Bordowitz, Paul Chan, DIRECTION & & LIBRETTO: Gregg Bordowitz, PERFORMERS: Siegmar Aigner, Alexander Braunsöhr, Didi Bruckmayr, Mara Mattuschka, Moravia Naranjo, ORIGINAL COSTUME DESIGNES: Paul Chan, COSTUME DESIGNER: Kristine Woods, PRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien in cooperation with MUMOK. In the framework of Push and Pull – a joint project by Tanzquartier Wien and MUMOK.

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