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Bibliography of Foucault’s shorter works in English translation (PDF)

prepared by Richard A. Lynch
© 1997-2022. Last updated 27 July 2022.

For an explanation of the context in which this bibliography was produced see Richard Lynch’s article in the first issue (December 2004) of Foucault Studies. If you have any updates, or notice anything missing from this bibliography, please email Richard Lynch and/or post in the comments box below.

Six cross referenced bibliographies

For an explanation of how these work please see Richard Lynch’s article.

Dits et écrits
Richard Lynch
Michael Clark
James Bernauer
David Macey
Bibliothèque Saulchoir

12 thoughts on “Bibliography of Foucault’s shorter works in English translation

  1. Daniel says:

    It should be noted that text 349 in DE (not included in the bibliography) is a different version of OT-81-06

    1. Richard Lynch says:

      Daniel, Thank you for this careful detail work. In checking this, I also discovered that OT-81-05 is in fact DE 359. That, too, will be corrected in the next edition.

  2. Daniel says:

    DE277 is translated in _French Studies in History. Vol. II: The Departures_. Edited by MAURICE AYMARD and HARBANS MUKHIA (Orient Longman, 1990)

    1. RIchard Lynch says:

      Daniel, I am unable to access vol. 2—I only have access to vol. 1. Is it possible for you to provide me a scan of the translation (as well as title page, table of contents, other relevant pages)? Or at least fuller bibliographical details, so that I can update the bibliography in the meantime? Thank you!

    2. Richard Lynch says:

      Daniel, I cannot access Vol 2, only vol 1. Can you provide scans (of the translation, title page, table of contents, and other relevant pages)? Or at least fuller bibliographical details? Thank you!

  3. Clare O'Farrell says:

    Daniel, many thanks for these notes. I will let Richard know.. Pease don’t hesitate to send on any other corrections or additions

  4. Daniel says:

    hi, Clare. I have another note. In the bibliography, text 344 is referred to text 326, which is an earlier version. However, those two versions are significantly different. I wonder if 344 has ever been translated into English. Thanks!

    1. Clare O'Farrell says:

      Many thanks for this. I will investigate.

    2. Clare O'Farrell says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Can you get in touch with Richard Lynch via email. He would like to acknowledge you in the next edition of his Foucault bibliography

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