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‘What calls for punishment’

Comment contributed by Colin Gordon, May 2003.
Sheer, serious incompetence. As with other interview titles, the original may not have been assigned or chosen by Foucault himself; however, unlike some others, and this translation, it bears some relation to the content of the discussion.

French Original
‘Qu’appelle-t-on punir?’ – [title of an interview with Foulek Ringelheim]
Michel Foucault. (1984). ”Qu’appelle-t-on punir?”. In Dits et Ecrits vol IV, Paris: Gallimard, p. 636.

Published English Translation
‘What calls for punishment?’
Michel Foucault. (1971). ”What calls for punishment?” S. Lotringer, ed., Foucault live (interviews, 1961-1984) New York: Semiotext(e), 1996. Translated by Lysa Hochroth and John Johnson, p. 279

Alternative Translation
‘What do we call punishment?’

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