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PhD Course: Foucault and Organization, Technology, and Subject-formation.
11th September – 14th September, 2023

Registration Deadline
Monday 7 August 2023 at 09:00

Copenhagen Business School. PhD School
Nina Iversen
Phone: +45 3815 2475

Michel Foucault’s work continues to offer a major source of inspiration for PhD projects across a wide range of disciplinary domains. This PhD course explores how Foucault’s work speaks to three broad themes in contemporary business school research and beyond: Organization, technology, and subject-formation. The lecturers on the course have all pursued substantive research on these themes, drawing upon different parts of Foucault’s authorship, and they will base their teaching on this research experience. Overall, we will explore how Foucault’s thinking can help to inquire into the organizations, technologies and techniques of self-formation that make up the conditions of possibility for our contemporary experiences. A key aim of the course is that the participants acquire an effective overview of analytical possibilities in Foucault’s work, effective for selecting and deploying such analytics in their own research.

More information and registration:

Course coordinator:
Kaspar Villadsen, Department of Business Humanities and Law (BHL)


Professor Sverre Raffnsøe
Department of Business Humanities and Law, CBS

Associate Professor Marius Gudmand-Høyer
Department of Business Humanities and Law, CBS

Professor (mso) Kaspar Villadsen
Department of Business Humanities and Law, CBS


Only PhD students can participate in the course.
Participation requires submission of a short paper (see more below). Papers must be in English and deadline is 1st September 2023.

It is a precondition for receiving the course diploma that the PhD student attends the whole course.


The course will provide the participants with:
a) An introduction to key analytical potentials reconstructed from Foucault’s wide-ranging authorship as well as the lecturers’ own research projects.

b) In particular, we will discuss different approaches to themes of organization, technology, and subject-formation as they are deployed in state-of-the-art Foucault-inspired scholarship.

c) The potentials and limits of the particular way Foucauldian analytics can be applied in the participant’s research will be discussed. Hence, a range of analytical resources and potentials will be explored and discussed in relation to the participants’ current research.

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