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Progressive Geographies

Although I’ve been teaching this term, I have also been working hard on the manuscript of The Archaeology of Foucault, in particular completing one chapter for which I had some draft material before. It’s the first chapter of the book, on madness and medicine, but I’ve ended up finishing it last. Part of the reason for this is that it is reliant on archival sources.

The chapter begins with a discussion ofBirth of the Clinic. This is an interesting book – it seemed to receive limited attention at the time, compared toHistory of Madnessbefore andThe Order of Thingsafterwards. A bit of hunting around uncovered only two reviews. For a related piece and another account, see the discussionhere. Its quite specific historical and geographical focus makes it one of Foucault’s most compelling books, though relatively little read. Even this 1963 text is…

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