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Dušan Marinković and Dušan Ristić, Foucault’s ‘Hall of Mirrors’: an Investigation into Geo‐Epistemology
Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography Vol. 98 , Iss. 2,2016

DOI: 10.1111/geob.12092

In this article we aim to single out a part of Foucault’s trihedrals of spatialization – discourses and practices, that is, technologies of power that have their spatialized frames. In order to analyse them we use the concept of a trihedral, not a triangle, because we noticed that several lines can be drawn from any angle and can form new spaces. In such a manner we are able to see their multiplication, separation and parallelisms. Using the trihedrals of spatialization we detect in Foucault’s work, besides the demands for a certain (spatialized) ontology, the existence of no less significant geo‐epistemology as knowledge and discourses that are formed in spaces and as the space formed through knowledge/power/discourses. We face a polyvalent character of the angles of the trihedrals and try to avoid the labyrinth into which their multiplication pulls us. The article pays special attention to Foucault’s elementary trihedral, life–work–language, in which man came to life as a being who works, speaks and reproduces in a new shape – as population. In this trihedral the angles/concepts are only seemingly separated: they overlap, mix, collide and intertwine in a game that cannot end. That is why this is only a snapshot of the many trihedrals; a possible aggregate of combinations, yet in no case coherent and homogenous. In that sense this article is not an attempt to systematize Foucault’s thought but to identify one of the many possible models/matrices for understanding the meaning of his spatial turn and his analysis of power.

Keywords: Foucault, geo‐epistemology, spaces, spatialization, trihedrals

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