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Macmillan, Alexandre. “Foucault’s “Materiality of the Incorporeal” and Communication in Modern Society” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, Suntec Singapore International Convention, Exhibition Centre, Suntec City, Singapore, Jun 22, 2010

The ontological status of communication and its material/immaterial nature is one of the most important questions for a philosophical enquiry of communication. The post-Nietzschean tradition in France offers many valuable insights to consider the specific type of materiality that characterizes communication processes. Of particular interest for such questions are the works of Michel Foucault. By developing his philosophy of events, Foucault will argue that he develops a “materialism of the incorporeal”. This paper will present Foucault’s philosophy of events, and argue that communication can be considered as an organizing process that will at the same time distribute objects in an empirical field, and determine the rules for a true statement. Communication can therefore be considered as being both material and incorporeal. Foucault’s critique of representation and rationalism can then be read as a critique of the materiality of the modern regime of communication.

5 thoughts on “Foucault’s “Materiality of the Incorporeal” and Communication in Modern Society (2010)

  1. Gregory Seigworth says:

    any idea how one might get a hold of this paper?


  2. Clare says:

    I don’t know unfortunately – perhaps you could try googling the author.


  3. Olá,
    desculpe não escrever em inglês, mas não sou boa nessa língua.
    Obrigado pela dica desse texto. Consegui em português no scribd.


    1. Clare says:

      Não há de que. For English language speakers – you might try scribd


    2. Guaracy Araújo says:

      Alasia, não consigo encontrar o texto no scribd, você poderia me passar o link?
      Obrigado, Guaracy


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